Some links  you may find useful including ​live broadcast information​: 

Brentwood Diocese Website
Westminster Diocese Website
Walsingham Live Stream
Catholic TV

(Walsingham Live and EWTN TV are also available on YouTube)

Strong in the face of tribulation
The Vatican has published a free downloadable book of Pope Francis’ Prayers and Homilies responding to the threat and suffering of the Coronavirus.  It contains his reflections for all those unable to receive the sacraments at this time. Downloads available from:      VATICAN LINK

For All Young People​, and all who walk with them, inspired by Jesus Christ​​

St Francis Primary School Advice

Brentwood Catholic Youth Service

Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society
Our priority has always been to keep children and families at the centre of our work and during this unprecedented time, this has never been more important. 
If you know of a family who is struggling at this time, please do speak to us or ask them to contact our Head of School Services, Catherine Munns
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Association of Christian Counsellors – ACSS General Information 

Faith Talks
The latest talks to be added to the Faith Talks section of the What Good News website can be fount at 
For Young Adults  Vocation Cafe – A Facebook Group for Catholic Young Adults in London
COMPASS Discernment Programme. Young adults 18-40 – How do I make good decisions? Can I notice how God’s spirit acts in my life? Join us to listen, reflect and share. Email us: More info: Discernment Programme or Https:// #vocation #religiouslife #discernment #joy

THE THRESHOLDS OF HOPE WEBSITE has now been launched. This new online resource is the work of the Brentwood Diocese Vicariate for Adult Formation and aims to help adults to deepen their relationship with Christ and His Church. Please have a look at the website and watch it develop over time. Do let us know what you think of it. The website address is
Threshold of Hope page – Brentwood Diocese

To All Parishioners – Beware of Fraud and Scams

We would ask everyone to be vigilant with regard to on-line requests for money etc. If you do get a message requesting money for our Parish, please check with the Parish Office first.

If in doubt use the A, B, C of scam awareness:
A- Never Assume a caller, email or text is genuine.
B- Never Believe a caller, email or text is genuine.
C- Always Confirm by contacting a trusted number, family member, friend, your bank’s fraud department or the police to check if it’s genuine.
Do not click on links given in emails or text messagesIf you get any communication asking you to “click here”, give give bank details, or move money, check with the organisation using a different phone or computer and using a number or address that you would normally use (not the ones given).
The same applies to phone communications.  End the call and use a different phone to check with the organisation using a number you would normally use.

Police Fraud Alert 35 Travel and Health Insurance Scams
Police Fraud Alert 34 Asda
Police Fraud Alert 33 Watch Theft
Police Fraud Alert 32 Dating Investment Scams
Police Fraud Alert 31 Phishing Scams
Police Fraud Alert 30  Covid Passport Scams
Police Fraud Alert 29  Pet Fraud
Police Fraud Alert 28  BT Cable Theft
Police Fraud Alert 27  Insurance Scams
Police Fraud Alert 26  Matching Number Phone Scams
Police Fraud Alert 25  Organised Criminal Gangs and Exploitation
Police Fraud Alert 24  Rental Scams
Police Fraud Alert 23  Ticket Fraud
Police Fraud Alert 22  Holiday Fraud
Police Fraud Alert 21  Social Media Games
Police Fraud Alert 20  Driving Licence Requests
Police Fraud Alert 19  Fleeseware
Police Fraud Alert 18  Solar Panels Scam
Police Fraud Alert 17  Royal Mail Scam
Police Fraud Alert 16  Car Sellers Beware
Police Fraud Alert 15  Holiday Fraud
Police Fraud Alert 14  National Insurance Fraud
Police Fraud Alert 13  Romance Fraud
Police Fraud Alert 12  Scam – Instagram Traders 
Police Fraud Alert 11  More Covid Vaccination Scams
Police Fraud Alert 10  And now Recruitment Scams
Police Fraud Alert 9   Covid Vaccination Scams
Police Fraud Alert 8   Household Delivery Scams
Police Fraud Alert 7   Covid Vaccination Scams
Police Fraud Alert 6   HMRC  Self Assessment Scams
Police Fraud Alert 5  Black Friday fraud/Bank letter  fraud
Police Fraud Alert 4  Cold calling
Police Fraud Alert 3  Romance/date fraud
Police Fraud Alert 2  Courier fraud
Police Fraud Alert 1  Council tax/puppies/spoofed messages