Mass Intentions

Mass intentions can be requested as by posting them through the Friary door, by handing them in at the parish office or handing them to a priest at the end of Mass. Mass cards are available in the parish office. The stipend is usually enclosed with the request.

Alternatively a request may be made by email to and the stipend paid as below.

The Mass Stipend can be paid by:

  • Cash/cheque – at the parish office in a clearly marked envelope
  • Cheque – in a clearly marked envelope and posted to the parish office
  • Via Brentwood using the link on the donations page Use the “Other” box and mark the donation for a “Mass Intention Stipend”.  (The link is to Brentwood but the payment will come to Stratford and be paid to the Priests) 
  • alternatively you may use direct transfer into the parish account – (details from the parish office)
    Be sure to put “Mass Intention Stipend” as the reference to ensure that the payment is correctly allocated to the priests.
Mass Stipends

The Friars thank those who continue to give Mass stipends.

We do celebrate Mass together every day, and try to honour the intentions we have received, including those for which a specific time has been requested.  Every Mass is celebrated for the intentions of all who take part, and on behalf of the whole parish community.

If you request the Friars to celebrate a Mass for a particular intention, the donation you give is to support the Friars, and the Friar who is presiding at the Mass will honour the intention. 

We do not normally announce the intention.  Some donors do not wish the intention to be announced, and many leave it to the discretion of the Friars to arrange a time.