“If anyone is inspired by God to live our life and comes to our brothers they should welcome him…”           (Rule of 1221)

Interested in the Franciscan way of life?

Perhaps God may be inviting you to know more about the Franciscan vocation of a Franciscan Friar, Sister, Lay Member.

If so, contact:


INVITATION:  The Franciscan Community specially invite enquiries from young people aged 18-35 years who may have a feeling of a religious vocation and the Religious and/or priestly life? If interested, please approach/make contact with one of the friars as well as via email: brdonalofm@yahoo.co.uk?(Franciscan website: Franciscan Friars – Ordo Fratrum Minorum (ofm.org)  email:  vocations@friar.org )

You may also be interested in Compass

Compass is a project of CVP (Catholic Vocations Projects). CVP is supported by a group of religious women and men in the UK who are interested in promoting a culture of vocation in our Church.