Baptism, First Holy Communion & Confirmation
Guidelines for Baptism
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This is a four week course which is held in the sacristy and consists of an hour and a half instruction per week. It is often easier if this preparation is completed before the birth of the child.

First Holy Communion and Reconciliation
It is organised by parents and catechists. It extends over a period of 8 months during which time catechetical sessions are arranged for the children together with meeting for parents. Details are always given in the parish newsletter. Names must be entered before the cut-off date which is published in the newsletter

This course includes a weekend retreat. Catechetical sessions are organised for the candidates as well as meetings for parents. Candidates must be in year 12 when they begin the course. They make an application to the priest requesting acceptance and giving reasons for wanting to be part of the program. At this age the candidates are young adults and should take responsibility for receiving this sacrament as a personal religious commitment. A priest sees all candidates before joining this programme.